Thursday, January 24, 2013

Minecraft Seed FRINGE Overview

This is the map for the seed FRINGE typed into the seed generator in all caps as shown. The light green island in the upper right corner is a rather large mushroom biome. All of the snowy areas are loaded with spruce trees, the center of the map is forest lower right side is swamp biome, lower left is extreme hills, central left is plains, and upper left is desert.

Here is the mushroom island, which could easily be lowered and expanded into a large mooshroom pasture.

There is a village just north of the extreme hills in the lower left corner of the map, which is just above the stronghold. The rest of the seed is pretty flat overall, so it would be an excellent seed for a large build.

End portal, and silverfish spawner complete with two eye of ender installed. Note: The End is NOT in the game until Title Update 9, so it will not work yet!

Spider dungeon I just happend across while exploring the stronghold for this overview.

Large library that I happed across while exploring the stronghold. Could be a good place for an enchanting table.

This skeleton dungeon is directly in the side of a small library in the stronghold. Xp grinder anyone?

Netherwart garden in the nether fortress. Only one so far, but one is enough, it can be easily expanded.

I only found one blaze spawner in the nether fortress, so far, futher exploration may reveal more.
FRINGE is the most complete seed, with the largest land mass I have found since Title Update 7 was implemented, and would be an excellent seed for survival, or a large build.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Minecraft Xbox 360 Tutorial Seed 96414766889474996 Overview

A special thank-you goes to 4J studios for using this seed for the tutorial, which made it easy to find :)
You can click on any picture to see a larger more detailed version.

First things first, after Title Update 7 (TU7) it has been very difficult to find seeds that have a nether fortress, and even if they do, they often have no blaze spawner. Blazes provide crucial ingredients for crafting potions on the brewing stand in survival mode (it is all moot in creative as you are invincible in creative mode), so if you want to play a survival game and craft potions, it is a good thing to have an abundant supply of blaze rods, and netherwart. So, the seed I am reviewing this time around as shown in the pictures above has a blaze spawner, and netherwart in the nether fortress, and it is the seed used for the tutorial level; 96414766889474996 which of course means if you type in the seed number, you will get the seed without all the tutorial goodies and guidelines.

Another critical component of new seeds is the End Portal which after the next Title Update (TU9) will add The End to the game (TU8 will be extensive bug fixes). Random seeds sometimes will not have an end portal, so as you may have guessed, it will be kind of hard to get to The End, if there is no End Portal, and as you can see, this seed has an End Portal complete with silver fish spawner, and even a couple of ender eyes already installed. Please take note, The End Portal will NOT work until the next update, so no point in trying to activate it yet!

This update TU7 seems to have made the strongholds larger as this is the first of two full sized stronghold libraries I have found so far in this seed.

Notice the different arrangement of the cobwebs from the picture above, showing this is a different stronghold library from the one above.

If you look closely, there is a fountain in the connected room. Two fountains spouting blue green swamp water, (hint, hint ;) to give a clue of where to look for the stronghold.

This last image shows the newly added mushroom biome, upon which mushrooms will grow even in full sun (normally mushrooms need shade or darkness to grow). This is also the spawning area for the new passive mob, mooshroom, which is a cow with mushrooms growing out of it. If you milk it with a bowl, you will get mushroom soup, with no need to pick any mushrooms. This seed is made up of mostly land with only a couple small ocean areas for those who prefer less ocean rather than more.

There is only a single village in this seed, located in the smaller desert area, in the central western area of the map.

In the northern area of the seed, there are mountains with caves and formations to explore.

To the far north there is a taiga biome dense with spruce trees and snow and ice, so pine wood is readily available in survival mode.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition seed...

Since Title Update 7 was released December 19th this seed no longer is the same, so only use this if you have not updated, otherwise here is the map overview of seed SLIPPEDGEAR. There is no ocean biome, and a very small snow biome. The upper right corner is mostly swamp, and the southern section is mountains. The stronghold is somewhere beneath the mountains, hint, hint.

SLIPPEDGEAR Which had this interesting floating pond in the middle of a naturally generated quarry area.

This library that is nearly empty, eagerly awaiting a new tenant with grand decoration ideas.

This pair of dungeons among many awaiting adventurers in the depths of world of SLIPPEDGEAR.

Here is a pair of fountains found in the stronghold, there is at least one more fountain that I have found so far.

One of the nicer villages I have found on the surface. Most are partials with few buildings. Easy enough to expand if you wish, or demolish if don't want them.

Decent sized swampy area complete with lava pools to burn up the trees with. You can follow the water near here down into a ravine that has abandon mine tunnels intersecting it.

This village oddly enough has two of the houses touching when they should not be, because the windows in the end of one house look right at the wall of the next house.

Here is a nice little formation, with a small floater, near the top left corner of the map.

Mountains in the bottom portion of the map. Many secrets are hidden beneath for the spelunking adventurer, including more mine tunnels than I have ever seen in any seed I have looked through so far.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting Started

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